“I have been living in the same rented house for 9 years” – Lady cries out as she issues strong advise (Video)

A woman has shared her pain online after realising that she has been stuck in the same rented house for the past nine years.

In the TikTok video, the woman identified as @ciatajolie shared how a recent scam of N6 million made her reflect on missed opportunitiesto improve her life.

While narrating her story, she encouraged viewers to make tough decisions and take steps towards a better future.

According to her, staying in the comfort zone prevents personal growth and leads to a repetitive and stagnant life.

In her words; “I woke up one day and realized that I have been in this house, I’ve been renting this houses since 2015. I’ve been in this place for the past 9 years of my life. I was scammed this year of a whopping sum of 6 million naira. And that was when I realized that I could have used this money to level up my life.

“I would have used this money to move out of this place. I’m just saying that whatever money you have, you can afford the new life you wanna give yourself. Use the money you’ve made so far to level up your life, use it to change your life. Use it to level up physically, mentally, psychologically, academically. You can afford the new change you want to make in your life.

“Whatever money you are making now, you should use that money to level up your life. You should use that money to make your life better and easier. It’s okay for us to save for tomorrow and save for the unknown but trust me even if you are saving for the unknown, you need to make your life now better. Because how you live now determines how your tomorrow will be.”

See the video below;


Leave your comfort zone and level up now #comfortzone #getup #levelupnow #levelup #fypp

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