I hate it when compared to an old woman that makes noise – James Brown furious for being compared to Bobrisky


Crossdresser James Brown has subtly jabbed Bobrisky as he furiously claims he hates it when compared to an old woman like her who only makes noise.

James Brown reacting to a post being compared to his former boss Bobrisky got furious saying he hates it when he’s been compared to an old woman who makes so much noise adding that he’s no more a crossdresser but an entertainer.

Jame Brown and Bobrisky who were masters and apprentices became rivals after Bobrisky felt her lifestyle and crown as the best crossdresser is in danger hence the two started fighting each other publicly.

Their beef never ends as they always rekindle it at the least expected and James Brown off late has been shading Bobrisky at any least opportunity her gets provided Bobrisky’s name appears on the table, he will take advantage of that.

This comment from James Brown wasn’t necessary but then he took advantage of the situation just to shade Bobrisky calling her an old woman knowing perfectly well that she wouldn’t love that if she sees the post.

Even though Bobrisky has been trying his best to ignore James Brown when he starts ranting, there are certain situations that she never let slide by and we hope she doesn’t respond to this to rekindle their boring beef as it’s becoming annoying.

screenshot below;