I had sex with a married woman, since then till now, I’ve been experiencing hardship and failures – Man seeks help

Confused man seeks for assistance as his life becomes worse after he had an affair with a pregnant married woman.

He shared his story anonymously, where he requested for solutions from social media users.

According to him, his life has started going downhill since the unfortunate affair and he doesn’t know what else to do.

In his words;

“I have a problem I need to share with you for solutions. I have knacked a pregnant married woman before. Since then till now, I have been experiencing untold hardship and failures in my endeavors. How do I liberate myself from any curse.
I am becoming more frustrated with my life’s trajectory.”

See the post here…

Some reactions to his post below

@deslilym wrote: “Until the baby calls money for the first time, you’re not leaving poverty. Pray make the baby sha no d!e o”

@Mrlekan213 stated: “As a man having the power to control your manhood is only the underrated blessings we don’t even talk about
You just need to pray for forgiveness and telling the husband is not part cuz it will scatter many things”

@falaqamin advised: “His guilt is hunting him. He should go confess to her husband”

@Ishow_leck opined: “All these superstitions and fallacy. The country is hard already for everyone, not just you. Many people are finding things difficult, so don’t term that to the wrong thing you’ve done. I don’t know why people believe all those things though. If it happens why are husbands who’s wife got pregnant for another man, but they still make love together not facing hardship.
You better check your life very well.”

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