I got married in secret and got divorced – Comedian Mark Angel (Video)

Popular Nigerian comedian, Mark Angel, has revealed that he was secretly married and divorced in the past.

The comedian made it known in recent podcast hosted by Teju babyface Oyelakin that he had never tell anyone about it.

Angel is a successful skit maker and actor. His personal life has been a mystery to his fans, who have wondered about his family, including his wife and children.

Rumor has it that the 32 year old got married to a lady, Amanda Josh, who featured in most of his comedies and they welcomed a baby girl named Millia Angel.

Mark Angel remained tight-lipped about his ex-wife and marriage during the interview. Talking about his present relationship status, he also said that he is unsure if he is currently dating anyone, despite having five girlfriends.

In his words, “I was once married, I never said it in any podcast… I got married in secret and I was divorced in secret. I don’t even know if am dating anyone naw. I have 5 babes, If it was my daughter, I won’t date me”.

Watch his video below:

The revelation about Angel’s secret marriage and divorce has come as a shock to many of his fans, who were unaware of his personal life.

However, many fans have also expressed their support for Angel’s decision to keep his personal life private.

Read some comments below:

beautifullybold_fashion said, “Very silent star! He doesn’t make much noise n he cash out quietly 👏”.

bahmex004 said, “Like Mark Angel Like Shaggy……silently doing the hardwork”.

badesqueen said, “Wise people don’t make noise, they work with fact and stick to it 🫡”.

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