“I got married a virgin at 19 but left my husband” – Sarah Martins challenges Solomon Buchi assertion on marrying virgins

Actress Sarah Martins has challenged the assertion of Solomon Buchi that virgins have the lowest divorce rate.

Before, Solomon Buchi had argued on Twitter that statistics back up the notion that people who stay in monogamous, low-key relationships and are virgins are more satisfied in their marriages and are therefore less likely to file for divorce.

But Sarah Martins refuted Solomon Buchi’s assertions with anecdotal evidence.

She said that she got married at the age of 19 while still a virgin, but she made it clear that this did not stop her from having to make the tough choice to leave her husband when her health was in jeopardy.

Sarah Martins feels that being a virgin does not ensure a long-lasting marriage, even if she was a faithful, obedient, and industrious wife during her marriage.

“I am still a loyal, submissive, respectful, hardworking woman. Getting married as a virgin will never stop you from getting a divorce if the need arises.. if e no good for your health quit!,” Sarah Martins said in part.

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