“I forgot” – Nigerian lady in tears as boyfriend dumps her for using his toilet without flushing after first visit (Video)

A Nigerian lady has narrated the embarrassing incident that occurred the first time she visited her online lover in Abuja.

According to her, she has been single for a long time so she decided to download the Tinder app. Luckily, she found a man who was interested in her.

She visited the man’s house and needed to use the restroom urgently. After using it, she left without flushing and never heard from the man again.

In her words:

“So guys. it’s 6 a.m. in the morning. I just remembered I went out yesterday actually I’ve been single for a while now. So, I decided to download Tinder and I met this guy from Abuja.

“He’s been wanting me to come actually but I’ve been forming hard girl hard girl like I’m not like the rest so yesterday I decided to go see him.

“After having conversations and it is about time for me to leave I urgently needed to use the restroom. He showed me his restroom and I used the toilet I pooped actually and I flushed but you know that one sh!t that doesn’t flush.

“I closed the toilet I was on a call. I was going to flush it I waited for the toilet to refill but I got distracted and I left.

“I forgot it there and I got home and I was wondering why this guy had not called me I was like oh he’s one of them. This morning I went to use the bathroom and I flush my toilet and then I remembered.”

Watch the video below:

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