“I felt disrespected, his monthly salary is 400k” – Lady who wanted N345K phone laments after boyfriend got her that of N120K

A lady reveals she feels heartbroken and cheated after her boyfriend got her a phone N120,000 instead of that of N345,000 she wanted for her birthday.

Taking to a relationship platform, the unknown lady who revealed that she’s 24 years old, said that she had wanted a phone which cost almost N400K. She opined that her boyfriend would be able to afford it since he earns 400k monthly.

It was heartbreaking for her when he got her a phone of N120K – a gesture which she said made her feel unwanted.

According to her, she had written a lengthy note to him, giving voice to her complaints and shockingly for her, he stopped responding.

Read her full account below:

“I’m 24 years old and this is my first relationship, my guy is good and spends for me, but during my last birthday I told him I wanted a phone, the cost then was 345k, I knew he could afford it, it’s less than his salary of 400k in one month, but he got me a 120k phone. I felt heart broken, cheated, jilted, I felt I wasn’t wanted, I felt disrespected.

I sent him a long text and asked for a break, he didn’t even reply. It’s been 4 months now, I’ve written to him almost ten times since last week, called him but he keeps blocking my calls, I wanted to tell him I’ve forgiven him so we can move on. I love him so much, I miss him and it’s affecting my health. I didn’t do anything wrong in my opinion, what can I do to get him back please? I will also like people’s opinion.

Thank you, sir”

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