“I feel like I’m a failure, I have no partner, I live alone, no friends” – 25-year-old lady cries out

A young lady identified as Lauren has taken to social media to open up on her feelings of failure, loneliness, and unmet aspirations as she nears her 25th birthday.

The young lady’s heartfelt clip has gone viral, captivating many viewers.

The lady, visibly emotional in the video, expressed deep regret about not living up to the dreams and promises she had made to herself during her younger years.

Adding to her feelings of isolation, the lady disclosed that she currently lacks a romantic partner and close friends.

The young lady further revealed that she spends a significant amount of her time alone.

Netizens Reactions…
Britt said; “I’m 33. I live with my dad. No partner or children to speak of. No job. No drivers license. Have struggled with mental illness most of my life. You’re not alone. I promise.”

Noha Elsayed said; “Gurl Im 28 and my life still looks like nothing.. it’s okay.”

Khalid said; “33 here, i know exactly how this Feel. Struggling since my Mother died 11 years ago. I told my self always, Allah knows better & won’t let you alone. May all your Dreams come true.”

Cristiana said; “I turn 19 tomorrow I cry on my birthday every year for some reason.”

Kylie.Mallia said; “Girl I feel ya I’m 24 and i still live at my parents house but its ok girl. When you’re in your 20s most ppl feel this way. I feel like I’m going through a midlife crisis

Say101 said; “your not alone. just know i thought i was alone until i came across your video❤❤❤.”

ay-kay said; “im 32, no licence, no partner,i stay with my family.i feel so stuck in life.”

Michael Touchard said; “Wait til you’re almost 40 and still feeling the same. The only thing I keep telling myself is I’m doing great and making a small positive change.”

Nabila said; “Am 39 and have no one.”

Ali said; “I can relate so bad. I’m 25 too, and nothing happened the way i wanted. I just wish i can go back and change things. Sorry you feel that way.”

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