I feared my husband wouldn’t stay with me because many footballers are womanizers- Adaeze Yobo

Joseph Yobo and his beautiful wife Adaeze Yobo

The wife of Super Eagles assistant coach Joseph Yobo, Adaeze, has confessed that at the start of her relationship with her husband she feared their friendship wouldn’t last because of the impression people have regarding the lifestyle footballers.

The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria said she met her husband through a friend at an event and when she learnt he was a footballer, she quickly concluded the relationship would break soon because footballers do have harem of girlfriends and she wasn’t ready for such stress.

She admitted that Yobo completely dispelled the fears with his gentleman’s attitude and she is happy to have gone the whole hog with him.

“We met at an event and he spoke to me but I didn’t know he was a footballer but when I later learnt of what he does, I told myself, this thing won’t last, I felt the relationship wouldn’t lead us to anywhere because of the lifestyle of most footballers.

They keep a lot of girlfriends and I wasn’t sure I could cope with that.

“But thank God, today, I have no regrets marrying my husband because I don’t know what my life would have been without him. He set the standard for us and we are happy to be following in that direction,” she said.

The two lovebirds have been married for almost one decade now.