“I enjoyed 10 years of it but no peace, it was never easy” – Journalist Maynard Manyowa says he regrets having many wives, as he advises men

Maynard Manyowa is a journalist who was sharing his experience in a viral thread about the practice being the future of marriage.

He was previously hailed as a role model for men who wanted to become polygamists.

He told how it’s fun until the women start provoking their husbands to spoil their union with the other wife in her favour.

He told how he successfully pulled it off for ten years before it all came crumbling down.

The Zimbabwean-born journalist told that he failed miserably at polygamy, blamed it on loving one woman more than the other. Picking one over the other was a mistake.

“As a former polygamist – I say this is bad advice. You will never know peace. I was a lousy polygamist because I only ever loved one woman.

“And the other was not my Mrs but someone I didn’t want to suffer the ignominy of not being married. Biggest mistake ever. Don’t do it”

He said this has been a dear lesson to him.

“It’s fun. When one fights you there is comfort in another. Until they figure it out. Then they provoke you when you are with others.

“Then – you get two angry wives at the same time: Then – two angry mums-in-law: Then you are f**ked.”

Manyowa has always been proud of his lifestyle and publicly appreciated his wives.

He continued to say

“Let me just add. When polygamy is great, it’s amazing. Polygamy is all good until it is all bad! I enjoyed 10 years of it. Sweet!

The only issue is, in trying to keep the woman I didn’t want – I then nearly lost the one I wanted. So perhaps polygamy isn’t bad – I am.

He says competition is never good in a romantic relationship.

“I gave allowances for my unique circumstances and also general weaknesses. However, I did enjoy 10 years of it. But I don’t miss the games. When with #1 #2 will provoke you to spoil it. Vice versa too. It’s an anathema of peace. But have a go.

“To put into context I was in charge of my choices, therefore shortcomings. So I believe the institution of polygamy is troublesome but I appreciate that I was not strong enough, wired incorrectly, and therefore likely at fault. I own my deficiencies”

In conclusion, he added:

” I gave it my best shot, and it was never an easy run. I probably am wiser for it now – there are many things I would do differently.

“I do draw comfort from the fact that it was a great run. Challenging but great. For a while, I ruled the wind.”

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