I don’t want to end up like hoodlums, 16 year old hair stylist says

Adesope Badru

Adesope Badru, a 16-year-old boy who is currently learning the art of hair making, has revealed what he wants to do with his life even at that stage. The young boy, in an exclusive interview with Our Agency, said that he has no desires to be like his father who he described as a union leader.

Our Agency had an interesting session with the young boy who is a secondary school leaver as he worked on a wig. He explained that many young people miss it in life and get harassed from time to time because they do not find something worth doing with their hands and time.

Badru revealed that he is the last born of his parents and spoke briefly about what his siblings do. His mother is a petty trader while his father collects daily ‘returns’ from drivers.

He went on to say he does not want to end up like his father as he considered him to be similar to agberos. When teased about spending part of the money his father collects daily, he said he has no choice as that is his responsibility to him as a father.

The young boy has dreams of becoming a poultry farmer in the future. He went on to say the skill he is learning now is to prepare him for the future. Badru said he can use the skill to take care of himself once he gains admission into a tertiary institution.

He talked briefly about the challenges he faces in the course of learning how to make hair. His bosses punish him whenever he gets to his workplace late. According to him, they do not condone any form of indiscipline even though the circumstances that lead to him being late are genuine.

Badru also said he does not want to end up like touts and conductors. He thinks he can do better than that with his life; thus, he is positive this path he has chosen will help him stand a better chance.

The young industrious boy stated that he makes as much as two thousand five hundred naira daily. On days that customers turn up, he makes even more than that. Badru’s mother encouraged him to learn this skill. He is grateful for the insight and considers it to be a smart option.