” I don’t trust nobody ” – Cardi B


American rap superstar, Cardi B is confused as to how she would like her daughter to be educated and the kind of school she would attend.

In a recent post, the rapper showed signs of being worried and contemplating on what to do to make her daughter’s life easier and stress free.

She said:
” Kinda wanna put my kid in a private school , kinda don’t want to put my kid in a private school till she start fully talking .I DONT TRUST NOBODY ! ”

Education is one thing parents don’t take lightly especially when their wards are of school going age. With the age of Kulture, Cardi B’s daughter, anybody at all can take advantage of her.

Kulture is 1 year old and yet to talk fully. Her life is at stake, who knows, even her classmates may hurt her. Fans of the rapper suggested she tries home schooling her till she comes of age.