I don’t surround myself with people who are constantly happy – Actress Victoria Inyama

Actress Victoria Inyama has said that she doesn’t surround herself with people who are constantly happy.

The actress who averred that such people are pretending and smiling to mask the “bullshit life” they actually have, further claimed that she prefers real people who are honest and raw.

Maintaining that some days suck, she urged everyone not to fake a smile even if it’s to “spite her or pepper her and others on her level”.

Inyama wrote;

I don’t surround myself with People who are constantly Happy. Always smiling to mask the bullshit life they actually have
I Prefer Real People, who are Honest & Raw!!!
I can’t deal with pretence….

Fact is Most days suck….
Don’t fake a smile on my behalf………..To think you can spite me………… Or most people on my level
Putting up a show to disguise or Pepper them’ is very exhausting

To all the people in my life…Be in your own Skin….Your true Self…..When you live in your true self & life throws you lemons….I / We will try dilute it with water & sugar so there’s Lemonade

When you live in a bubble of lies then the truth becomes a laughable skit

Your only Competition is U….Life is a Theatre with in built stages…..Be the realistic Performer Not the clown
One Love…

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