I Don’t See Anything Wrong In Older Women Dating Younger Boys – Nollywood Actress Cynthia Shalom


Nollywood actress and winner of the Next Movie Star Reality TV show, Cynthia Shalom, has revealed the reasons she loves dating man 17 years older than her.

According to an interview she had with Tontrends News

She said:

Dating or marrying an older or younger man is an individual goal. What you like won’t be what I like. What is important in a relationship is love and understanding? Are you guys good with each other? Do you bring yourself peace? If all these are obvious, then age is just a number.

I don’t have an age limit in a relationship. What I look out for is an understanding and connection.

When I mean connection it has to be everything; we have to connect physically, intellectually and emotionally. So, once I have those three, I’m good. I also prefer an older man because he’s got more experience than I do.

Presently he’s like 17 years older than I am and it’s fascinating. He doesn’t look at his age and even has 6 packs (laughs).

The connection is amazing and I have also learned from them. I can’t have any challenges in any area of life and there’s nobody that can actually take to you about .i don’t see anything wrong with people dating younger guys.”