“I don’t have cash anywhere” – Bank manager begs customers to avoid violence as she addresses them on cash shortage (video)

A bank manager was seen addressing customers who wanted to withdraw money from her branch.

The manager explained to the customers that there is no money in her branch, which is why the gates have been closed to customers.

She added that the situation is out of their hands and begged customers to be understanding and not go about destroying things.

?I don’t have cash anywhere and we are not obliged to pay you old money,? she explained.

She added that even banks that are currently dispensing cash will only be able to do so for a short while.

She said: “But as at this morning, they have told us that no bank was supplying money, so even for those that are withdrawing now, after a while, you might not see to give again.

?For now, in my branch, we don’t have.?

For this reason, she said the bank has to close to all customers to avoid the destruction of bank properties.

Watch the video below….

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