“I don’t even know where the girl came from or how they met” – Lady cries as boyfriend of 3 years marries another lady

Lady breaks down in tears as boyfriend who asked her to never post their pictures on social media secretly gets married to another woman.

The brokenhearted lady took to her social media to reveal the encounter as she shed tears of pain.

In her account, she said that she and her man had been going out for three years during which the guy insisted that she never posts him.

Only for her to check her WhatsApp a Saturday ago to see his friends congratulating him on his marriage.

See how netizens reacted …
@I🌸f🌸e🌸o🌸m🌸a advised: “Babe clean your tears delete or private this video don’t let him see your tears forgive him and move on let it hurt until it’s stops hurting”

@Only 1 BubuStore in East said: “Always post your man weda good or badddd I keep on saying this, I decided to post my man on our 6months relationship 🥺nd my friend replied my status”

@Jesse Amalu commented: “This is quite sad to be honest.
I’m sorry this happened to you.
3 years is a long time to waste anyone’s time.
Sending comfort and wishing you healing”

@Gladys remarked: “Check phones once in a while !!!!! Always check !!!”

@Jennny said: “One of my bro invite me for a naming ceremony when I got to the location the alfa people call the husband and wife to come out guess what guys”

Watch video below …


No wonder he’s always warning me never to post him taht he loves a “ private” relationship. I’m still trying to process everything. I swore i will never text or call him. I wont seek clarity.i font even want to know how or why it hsppened. He did what he dud,i felt what i felt,it is what it is.#fyp

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