“I don’t care what people think of me, mosquitoes find me attractive” Juliet Ibrahim reveals


Hi lovers. I’ve missed my audience. Forgive me for starving you guys. Please bear with me,my photo quality is not as it used to be but it’ll be fixed.

This one’s about Juliet Ibrahim. The actress that looks like she’s from Obodo Oyibo 😁. Don’t mind me. She’s such a beauty isn’t she.

I know a lot of funny actresses like Funke and the rest but I never knew Juliet was one of them. This post just cracked me up and I thought to share it with you guys.

So, Juliet shared this cute picture on her page and I decided to jump on this. She says,she doesn’t care who likes her that mosquitoes find her attractive 😂. Whaaaat? Who wouldn’t love this goddess. Aunty even mosquitoes don’t love you like we do.

We love you Julie. Don’t let mosquitoes bite you oo. Meanwhile, this is how her fans reacted.