I Don’t Care About Culture And Traditions – Alex Usifo


Veteran Nollywood star, Alex Usifo, has opened up on some of his personality traits that many of his fans probably didn’t know.

The actor, who by virtue of many of his roles, strikes as a proper traditional man, has ironically declared that he has absolutely no regard for traditions and moribund conventions.

During a light-hearted interview where he was fielding questions bordering on food, Alex was asked if he felt that food defines a person’s culture.

“When you talk about culture, I am iconoclastic. In other words, I don’t follow conventional things. I am my own kind of person and I don’t follow culture,” he said.

The PhD holder also disclosed his utter dislike for dog meat as well as what he considers to be good food.

“I don’t like anything that has to do with dog meat. Also, I don’t like eba. Amala is okay for me; it is light and it goes down well. I really do not have a favourite meal; I eat whatever is well prepared. My likeness of a food depends on how well prepared it is.