I don’t believe in marriage – Monalisa Stephen

Nigerian actress, Monalisa Stephen, has revealed that she does not believe in marriage, even though she knows as a Christian that it is ordained by God.

The plus-sized model disclosed this during an interview with The Punch published on Saturday, while addressing misconceptions about her stance on relationships.

Monalisa clarified that contrary to what the media reported about her comment, she never said she does not need a man in her life.

She explained that being in love with a person does not mean the relationship has to end in marriage, neither do couples have to get engaged before they define what they share as love.

In her words; “I never said I don’t need a man; who doesn’t need a man? However, I don’t think you need to put a (wedding) ring to something to define it as love. That’s why I don’t believe in marriage, although as a Christian, I know it is ordained by God.

But, I don’t believe love has to be defined by a ring. If I love someone, that means I am already committed to them. I am already ‘married’ to them, so they don’t need to give me a ring.”

The controversial social media personality also stated that though she did not want to have children, she was dedicated to caring for children in need.

Monalisa Stephen said; “I believe a lot in humanity and caring for others. I have adopted a lot of children and I am currently taking care of them.”

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