“I don’t believe Angel’s behavior is because she’s young, look at Saskay she’s also 21 and matured” – Pere (Video)

Pere, Cross, and WhiteMoney discussed Angel’s mood swing.

The camera focused on Pere, WhiteMoney, and Cross in the lounge. Cross decided to engage them in a discussion about Angel.

Check out the breakdown of Cross, Pere, and WhiteMoney’s discussion below.

Cross: This girl has a spirit. I don’t know how to understand. She does a lot of weird things. I think most of her behavior is because she is still young. She is 21.

Pere: I don’t think Angel’s behavior is because she is still young. Look at Saskay, she is also 21. But that babe is matured.

WM: All I know is that she needs love and care. Saskay has a backup of her family but Angel doesn’t.

As expected, their discussion got a lot of reactions on social media.

Video below. ..


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