“I didn’t want to disrespect Nadia Buari’s husband, so it was better to leave the past in the past” – Jim Iyke on why he refused to talk about his ex

Movie star Jim Iyke explained why he responded with “Who is that?” when asked about his ex-girlfriend, Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

According to the actor, glorifying conversations about his previous relationship with Nadia Buari is disrespectful to both of their current partners.

“Which husband or wife wants to hear about their partner’s ex?” he asked on Starr FM’s Starr Drive with Foster Agor.

In a recent podcast, he revealed that his ‘Who is that?’ response was simply an expression of respect for his current partner and Nadia’s husband.

He claimed that the podcast presenter asked him explicit questions about Nadia Buari, so in order not to answer, he quizzed the host with the “Who is that?” response, “I didn’t want to offend a married woman with four children, so it was better to leave the past in the past.” “I must respect both my current partner and Nadia’s husband.”

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari were frequently spotted together on various public occasions in the past, generating speculation about a romantic relationship. Their regular appearances together sparked gossip columns and social media debates, with admirers eagerly watching their every move.

However, a recent podcast interview shed insight into the apparent schism between the actor and his purported ex-girlfriend, Nadia Buari.

Jim Iyke’s response, claiming not to know Nadia Buari, raised questions about the nature of their past relationship. The actress is now married with four kids.

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