“I deprived myself of luxury” – Nigerian man abroad devastated as wife squanders N10m he sent home for land

A Nigerian man living abroad has expressed his frustration after his wife reportedly spent 10 million naira sent to acquire two plots of land.

As per the narrative, the man, whose identity is undisclosed, later entrusted his younger brother with funds. This led to the successful acquisition of three plots of land, with construction initiated on one of them.

The incident was shared on Facebook by Kelvin Onovo. The man alleged that upon discovering the ongoing building project managed by his younger brother, his wife vehemently objected to the idea of moving into the house upon completion.

Reportedly, she perceived it as an insult that her husband’s sibling was managing the finances, expressing her discontent with the arrangement while she was still alive.

The frustrated husband, declared his intentions to take another wife if his current spouse refused to move into the completed house. He expressed the sacrifices he had made, depriving himself of luxuries abroad to secure a home for his family, only to be met with resistance from his wife.

The post reads, “From my dm. “Good evening sir kelvin. “I Read your post about being abroad and sending money to family to get properties. “Mine was my dear wife, the first 10m I sent to secure 2 plots of land went down the drain…”

“Subsequently, I had to start sending to my younger bro who I knew was to be trusted with funds and truly, he didn’t disappoint… Got 3 plots of land and started off something on one but my dear wife told me she won’t move into the house when completed as it was an insult to her as a wife for my bro.”

“To be the one incharge of “her husband’s money” when she’s still alive. Bro, if after that house is completed and my wife doesn’t move in. lam taking another wife ASAP. I deprive myself luxury here just to get them a place to call theirs but see her action”.

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