“I declare and decree, I shall be a submissive wife unto you” – Pretty bride kneels during wedding vows, says she’ll be a submissive wife (Video)

A beautiful bride has gone viral on social media as a result of her show of humility during her white wedding.

The young lady went on her knees during the exchange of vows with her husband and pledged her loyalty to him.

In a video circulating online, she could be seen kneeling down while in her lovely white wedding gown

The bride made a vow to her hubby that she will contribute positively to the marriage and will assist him in building the home.

She declared in the presence of the guests that she will be totally submissive to in their marriage, which she referred to as the work of God.

“I will become that woman that builds the home as I follow you as you follow Christ. That is the only thing that we will do in our household. And I promise and I vow that in heaven, they hear and on earth, I declare and decree, I shall be a submissive wife unto you.

As we continue to do this work of God, because to us, you know, this is beyond just love. This is about God, this is about kingdom, this is about our duty reflecting to the world what true marriage, what God really intends for marriage to be,” the lady said.

Watch the video below:

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