I couldn’t care less that I’m called Antichrist — Freeze

Daddy Freeze

Broadcaster, Ifedayo Olarinde, aka Daddy Freeze, has ruffled more than a few feathers with his brand of evangelism. Much to the annoyance and consternation of conventional clerics, the OAP has consistently stated that the payment of tithes is not Biblical. According to him, it is just a way that ‘men of God’ use to fleece their congregations of their hard-earned money.

On how he feels whenever he is called the Antichrist, Freeze said, “Christ Himself was called the Antichrist; so, who am I to care? Christ was so controversial that in just His third year of ministry, He was killed. He entered the temple and flogged people out for misusing the building. Do you know how controversial that was? I haven’t even flogged anyone yet and they are already calling me the Antichrist. The real Antichrists are on the pulpit; you go and pay them visits every Sunday. If you have a message that is against Christ’s message, you are the Antichrist. If you are preaching (about) tithes and first fruits, you are the Antichrist. If you are looking for the real Antichrists, check your churches and pulpits. People go to worship in the church of the Antichrists and call me the Antichrist, not realising that I’m the one reminding them of what Christ actually wants. That’s hypocritical.”