“I caught her red-handed cheating and she denied she’s not the one” – Man dating identical twin cries out

A man who’s dating an identical twin has gone online to cry out for help over inability to determine if his girlfriend is cheating.

The unidentified 31-year-old man related his frustration on a relationship platform as he recounted how he caught one of the twin cheating.

According to him he caught one of the twin cheating and when he confronted her, she claimed not to be his girlfriend.

The disgruntled man lamented that he suspects the ladies are playing tricks on him.

His full account read …

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please keep me anonymous. I am 31 and dating one of the identical twins. These people look like one thing. I think they have been playing tricks on me. I once caught my girlfriend cheating red-handed and when I confronted her she claimed to be her twin. I immediately called her number and she claimed she was using her twin’s phone that day when the phone rang in her bag. I drove to her place but the other twin wasn’t there. I keep getting hurt by this because it makes me look like a fool. I know she’s cheating but I can’t prove it. Am I wasting my time?”

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