‘I can’t date a woman who earns less than N250,000 monthly’ – Nigerian Man says


Life coach Solomon Buchi has stated that he cannot date any woman who earns below N250,000 monthly.

He shared a post on Twitter saying that he has high maintenance and there can be no love from his side for broke women.

“I can’t date a woman that earns less than 250K a month. I’m a high maintenance man. I am a king and I deserve better. Any woman that is earning less than 250K has no business being in love.

“What’s a broke woman looking for in a relationship? No love for broke women.”he tweeted.

His post sparked some reactions on social media with some women tagging him a gold digger, who is looking to live off a woman.

Buchi responded saying that if women can say such things then he is free to air his own views as well without being judged harshly.

See his reply below:-