I Am Fortunate To Remain In Marriage Till Now – Bose Akinola


The award winning thespian in the Nigeria film industry, Bosede Akinola has opened up on the secret behind the success of her marriage.
The planks seller turned actress described divorce as a common phenomenon that cut across all segments in the society.

The A-list category actress in the Yoruba segment of Nollywood reiterated that people out there only comment on actors and actresses that the issue affect, forgetting that there other men and women in the society that fall in the same category.

The South Africa Film Festival 2010 award winning actress revealed that she has married for over 25 years.

She attributed the success of her marriage to the glory of God.

“However, the fact that I am fortunate to remain in marriage till now does not mean that those affected are bad. It is the grace of God sustaining me and other lucky ones,” Bose Akinola said.

Bosede described herself as someone that is not easily provoke because she falls in the category of people that embrace all.

“I don’t normally have problem with any actor or actress. I am not easily provoked. Nobody can predict what can annoy me, even sometimes when I am angry, you may not notice because it is always hard for me to tell people that they got me offended,” Akinola concluded.