“I am done with You” – Eve Esin reacts to Tacha’s video on Instagram


Ex Big Brother Naija housemate Tacha has garnered the attention of Actress, Eve Esin on her recent post on Instagram.

Tacha made a Tik Tok video. In the video, she is seen telling a man to leave her breast and pray about the corona virus pandemic.

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Eve Esin reaction was that the video is funny. This is a screenshot of her reply below. Even Tacha’s ex housemate Khafi, dropped a comment.

Tacha allowing a man to touch her boobs freely is funny, but is quite unethical of a lady. Whether it is a comedy skit or whatever, it isn’t right. And she shouldnt post such on social media, as she is unmarried. She is a celebrity and many young girls look up to her as their role model. She should set a good example.

Many will say its her body and that she has the right to do what she wants with it. But acts like this are what result to men sleeping with women without their consent. Although men who do so, should be able to control theirselves, whenever they feel the urge to approach a woman. Putting videos like this on social media is not right.