‘I am called out for wrong accusation, I have never respond…’ – James Brown brags as he throws shade at Bobrisky

James Brown, the popular Nigerian crossdresser, recently took to Instagram to share an inspiring message about self-love and acceptance.

In the post, James shared a stunning photo of himself dressed in a beautiful outfit, along with a lengthy caption.

Despite being called out by senior colleague Bobrisky for being a copycat, James Brown expressed that he is often accused of doing wrong things, but chooses not to respond to them. He believes that as a Queen, he rules his world and does not have to explain himself to everyone.

He captioned his post: I am a woman of Beauty, Love my heart is big and beautiful I love and accommodates everything sometimes i am called out for wrong accusation I has never responded because I am a Queen. I don’t have to explain myself to everyone because I Rule my World my beautiful world full with talents and comedy dance fun beautiful, lifestyle, Riches , connection, Fame and Wealth I will never change who I am BECAUSE I AM A BEAUTIFUL QUEEN.

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