I Am Ashamed Of My Babymama – Drake


According to the mirror on April 1, drake admitted that he felt so ashamed of his son’s mother Sophie Brussaux’s previous career that he couldn’t believe it when his son was born in 2017.


Drake was even named in 2018 by another hip-hop artist,Pusha T, who sang in his song, “forget she’s a porn star and hug this little boy. Love that child, respect that girl, make her your world.”

“I don’t hide my kids from the world/I don’t want my kids to be exposed to the world,” drake sang on his 2018 album. In the song, drake admits to seeing Sophie only twice before she gave birth, and that he felt awkward explaining the child’s existence to his parents.

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A rep for drake told TMZ: “the woman has a very suspicious background and admits to multiple relationships. And she faces problems staying in the United States. She is one of many women who claim drake got them pregnant. If it was drake’s child, he would have done the right thing.”

Although drake mentioned the child in his 2018 single, he has not since acknowledged that the little boy is his son. Drake told Rap Radar last year that he was holding off on announcing the birth because he was waiting for DNA results. Drake didn’t release a picture of his son until the test results confirmed that he had. Sophie also added more family photos to her instagram page.

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