Hushpuppi Hangs Out With American Rapper Lil Pump, Shows Off Purple Rolls Royce


Nigerian Instagram sensation, Hushpuppi met up with American rapper, Lil Pump in Dubai and they bonded immediately.

The two stars clicked upon meeting each other and this makes a lot of sense as Lil Pump became famous after the release of his hit track “Gucci Gang” and also for his love for Gucci items. Everyone knows how Hushpuppi splashes millions of cash on Gucci items just to look peng so there’s no need to go into details.

The Instagram sensation who resides in Dubai welcomed the rapper to the city. In a video shared by Huspuppi himself, he showed off his awfully expensive Gucci jacket and also revealed that the rapper is the first man to own two purple Rolls Royce; one in the US and one in Dubai.

See the video below: