Husband orders wife to quit job following advice from boss to get separate account

A young Nigerian employer shares her experience with a worker who quit her job after being advised to stop receiving her wages directly to her husband‘s account.

A social media user identified as @TheSolape took to the X platform to narrate the unbelievable experience with one of her cleaners.

According to the lady, the cleaner’s wages are paid directly into her husband’s account, which she found unconventional.

This stirred a piece of advice to the woman to get her personal bank account so she may have full authority over her spending. However, the cleaner stopped resuming work over reports of being ordered to quit by her husband upon disclosing the advice from her boss.

“I advised my cleaner to go and fix her ATM issues so I can stop sending her wages to her husband’s account so she can save and have some control over her hard earned money. He told her not to come again 😭😭,”
she wrote.

The post has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who had one thing or the other about the husband’s controlling nature.

Reactions trailing boss who advised cleaner to separate account from husband
Funmiscute said: “So she had to go tell her husband that too?
Her eyes will peel and please don’t take her back when she comes, let her husband cater for them.”

iam_pweedypresh opined: “But if I may ask do you know if they run a joint family income? Or you’re aware the husband is very irresponsible?”

fadererah_ penned: “Wow! You mean there are still people like this? She will learn soon, she should keep it up.”

JaydensHrt stated: “I’ve seen this play out before, trust me she didn’t say it like you had bad intentions, she probably happily told the guy, then her husband will manipulate her into thinking you want to separate em cos you are jealous of their union😂😂.”

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