“Humans, please normalize praying…” – Nancy Isime advises

Nancy Isime had a few things to get off her chest on Instagram recently, and it was inspired by a horse.

In a post on her Instagram story, Nancy Isime captured a horse grazing outside on camera, and she seemed displeased by how it was being treated.

She wrote, “Horse rights activist don show oh If the owners of these horses see this, your caretakers wan kill your horse oooo Come and save them ooo”

Even though she said it in a light tone, it was clear that she wanted to pass a message to the owners about the welfare of their horses, in case they see it.

In her next post, Nancy Isime used the horse situation to address the general public, and here’s what she said;

“Humans, please normalize praying against the spirit of “I must get am!!” The spirit of overwhelming need of ownership. You don’t need to own everything. Because you have the money/the resources does not mean you must own it. If you know, you cannot give it the attention, commitment and care it needs, leave it alone. This applies to properties, animals, relationships, friendships, projects, children, marriage, A job/ business, positions, etc. Zukwanikeeeee”

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