How Ugandan journalist won one of the top journalism award in Africa (video)

Solomon Serwanjja

Solomon Serwanjja, an investigative journalist with the NBS Television in Uganda, achieved a big milestone in his journalism career as he won the 2019 BBC World Service Komla Dumor Award.

In a video interview with the BBC, the Uganda journalist said he could not believe the news when he was called and announced as the recipient of the recognition.

He said the award was a big vote of confidence in Ugandan journalism, adding that the prize is a source of encouragement to African journalists to be able to get quality training.

It should be noted that the award is given in the great memory of Komla Dumor, who was an exceptional journalist with the BBC until his death.

Solomon said that the late BBC journalist is someone that he looks up to, saying that he would continue his legacy in ensuring that African stories are told differently.

“Africa should stop being looked at as a continent that is submerged in war and conflict. It’s time for us African journalist to use African voice to tell the African story,” he said.

Watch the video below: