How to order essay online


Things you need to know to order essay online


Have you ever been in this situation when the amount of work you have on your hands is just overwhelming? If you are a student and especially if you both study and work and also try to have a live in the meanwhile, this kind of situation might be familiar to you. And if it is familiar, it’s likely that the idea of ordering custom essay online occurred to you more than once. After all, when there is only 24 hours a day and you have so many assignments you don’t think you’ll have any sleep in the nearest couple of months, ordering a custom paper online seems like the best option.

You know how it happens; at first it seems like you still have a lot of time for essay writing, that you will get the motivation you need at some point along the way and just sit down and create a perfect essay. But more often than not, your essay muse refuses to visit you and when time runs short, you know you don’t have many options left. No one wants to get behind in their studies.

There are various reasons why students fail to cope with their essays:


  • Serious lack of knowledge on the subject;
  • Time management issues and lack of time for proper paper writing;
  • Lack of ability to express their ideas and thoughts in writing;
  • Lack of motivation.



Any of these reasons may become a serious obstacle to writing a paper by your own efforts. So what do you need to know to order an essay online?




When it comes to ordering custom academic papers online, there are many options you can choose from:


  • Professional writing services – this is perhaps the most popular choice for students. If you choose a legit service like Spider Essay, you can be sure your paper will be written by an experienced and skills academic writer, according to your requirements and within the timeframe set by you;


  • Independent freelance writers – a good option if you prefer personal approach and dislike the idea of added costs. On the downside, there are almost no guarantees you won’t be cheated in this way or another;


  • Online marketplaces – here things like personal ratings and portfolios will tell you which author you would want to choose, but still no one will guarantee the quality of writing.




Basically, all you have to do is go online and google it. It might make sense to ask around first, though – it’s quite possible that some of your friends had some experience with ordering custom essays online and they can recommend a service or an independent academic writer, for example at


Look for content marketplaces. Choose a few, compare their prices and terms of cooperation, pay special attention to whether they offer any customer protection (you might need it in case you are not satisfied with your ordered paper quality). Look through authors portfolios and, if available, some feedback on their work.


Browse social media. Many freelance writers use social networks to advertise their services and post their resumes and portfolios there.


What do you do now?


Now you make the order! But before actually submitting your order, there is a number of things you need to do.
First of all, provide as much relevant information about yourself as possible. What is your age, are you male or female, what school do you study at and what is your academic level? It may also be useful to provide the essay writer with a few samples of your writing.

Second, provide an essay writer with a list of requirements for the paper you need to get done. What’s the topic? What should the size of your essay be? Are there any specific requirements your professor provided for this specific piece of work? Are there any specific requirements for essay writing at your school? What are the timeframes? Is there a list of recommended sources they’ll need to use?
Third, you receive a completed paper and check it thoroughly. Are there any mistakes? Have all the requirements been met? Remember that it would be better to make an order in advance so to give yourself time to ask for some corrections and additions (or do that yourself).


While it’s better to order essay online from time to time than to fail to deliver any paper at all, remember that if you do still have time for it, it would make sense to write your paper on your own.


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