How to make your bed look like it belongs in a furniture store


TODAY Home decided to find out the secret to getting that showroom-perfect bed, and it’s as easy as following these four steps. Below, see how to make a bed with tips from Matthew Anderson, vice president of visual merchandising at West Elm.

1. Start with the sheets
“The most important factor when selecting sheets is to make sure that they are the proper size as you want them to fit (tightly) to the mattress,” Anderson said.

One tip he shared for putting a fitted sheet onto the bed is to work from the top two corners and pull the sheet tightly toward the bottom for a snug fit. If you do use a top sheet, you’ll want to fold it in a hospital corner.

After the sheets, add a tightly tucked quilt and fold down by the pillows for a layered look.

2. Add the comforter or duvet
Anderson says choosing the cover or duvet for your bed is a bit different than sheets; there’s much more flexibility when it comes to fit. “If you want to cover more of your bed frame, size up,” he said. “If you want to see more of your bed frame, stay true to size.”

As for achieving that extra-fluffy look, there’s a secret trick that Anderson shared: add two or more duvet inserts into the cover. Who knew?!

3. Make it cozy with lots of pillows
You can really have fun with pillows on your bed. Anderson said that West Elm stores like to use a combination of two euro pillows, four standard pillows and two or three decorative pillows.

“When in doubt, for selecting your pillows, use a more solid and neutral decorative pillow on printed bedding, and printed pillows on solid bedding,” he suggested.

4. Top with a throw blanket
You’ve probably seen throw blankets draped across the beds in showrooms and wonder how on earth they get them to look so casual yet so beautiful.

It’s actually pretty simple: “The best way to do this is to take a few steps back from the bed and casually toss the blanket across the bed for a more relaxed aesthetic,” Anderson said. You can also opt for a neater feel by folding the blanket and draping it over one corner at the foot of the bed.

There you have it! The secret to getting a showroom-quality bed. Now the real question is, will you make it every day?