How to be sexy as female celebrity – Stella Damasus


Actress and mum of two, Stella Damasus is obviously aging gracefully and has a word of advice for her fellow actresses who go overboard trying to look sexy.

The Delta State born thespian took to her Instagram page to drop tips on how to look sexy, yet classy.

“I will say it again. You don’t have to be nude or vulgar in your appearance to be SEXY. The way you carry yourself even in A pair of Jeans and a sweat shirt can make heads turn. Your confidence can be SEXY. Your smile can be SEXY. Your voice can be SEXY. Even your eyes alone can make you SEXY. Don’t show it all or put everything out there to be called SEXY. You are enough dear,” she wrote.

Stella who wasn’t very lucky in her first marriage to the Aboderins as the family sort of despised her, she,
however, got lucky a fourth time!

Tontrends recalls that after losing her first husband, Aboderin, she moved on to remarry twice before eventually sticking with Daniel Ademinokan.