How To Be A Player: 20 Rules of the Game


If you want to learn how to be a player, the first thing you need to understand is that the game exists. And if you can’t see that or refuse to accept the rules, I promise you one thing: you’re going to get played. You might not like the rules but you need to respect them. You need to recognize that you either play or get played and you need to play by the rules if you want to succeed.

The game, just like nature, is amoral and unless you want to be celibate you have to play. What you’re playing for is sex and affection from women. That could be through multiple women or through a monogamous relationship but the rules are the same.

With that said, learning how to be a player doesn’t mean you should play with a girl’s emotions. You can be and you should be honest about what you want. Not just because it’s the right thing to do but it’s what men do, you set your terms and she can either accept them or leave. And don’t worry, most girls, deep down would rather have a piece of a real man than all of a weak man.

When you play by the rules you’ll get the most out of your relationships, avoid drama and not do anything to embarrass yourself that you’ll regret later. Not only that, but by playing by the rules you’ll make the women in your life happier, no girl wants to be with a guy that doesn’t get it.

Girls will come and go but your actions will stay with you forever, that’s why its important not to break your discipline and stay on top of your game. Here are the 20 laws you need to follow to keep your game air tight:

1) Have A Player’s Mindset

To learn how to be a player, the first thing you need to do is start thinking like a player. That means you need to internalize the player’s mindset down to your core. That you have confidence, an abundance mentality and an understanding that dating women is a game and you can either play or get played. You can’t sit on the sidelines unless you plan on being celibate. Internalize that girls will have sex with you casually because they have just as strong a sex drive as men do, the world didn’t reach six billion people by accident.

Having a player mindset also means not feeling guilty for having sex, you recognize sex as a value-neutral exchange, not a dirty act where you’re taking advantage of a girl. Realize that you’re living a 1% lifestyle and you need to act like it. It might feel weird at first but by the consistent external reinforcement you get from having lots of women around will become natural.

When it will really click for you is when you know that if all that pussy dried up you can go out and easily find a new girl within three days anywhere in the world. Having a player mentality also means that you respect the game and don’t hate other players. Instead of hating you recognize game and see what you can learn from other players.

2) Act The Part

Fake it till you make it, at least at first. Learning how to be a player takes time, you’re not going to change over night, but it all starts with acting the part. Act like you’re used to getting girls, dress like you’re used to getting girls, walk like you’re used to getting girls. You need to act as if and eventually the behaviors will solidify. Mick Jagger wasn’t always Mick Jagger, he used to be a skinny English prep school boy until he decided he was going to be the world’s biggest rock star and started to act like it.

Unfortunately your age, looks and status determine a lot of your success but you want to control what you can control and maximize your hand. That means get your style right and your body in shape. Act like a confident, strong man and that’s what you’ll become.

3) Always Be Closing

That means always be closing new women. Use day game, Tinder, party game — whatever works for you. You can’t have an abundance of women without playing the numbers game. This means asking a girl home with you after a date. It means putting moves on her when she comes home with you. It means escalating sexually with her until she’s ready to fuck (never with force, always seduction) even if that takes three or four hours.

4) Always Be Ready

If you want to always be closing you need to always be looking good, smelling good and have your phone on you no matter where you’re going. You’ll never know when you’ll run into a girl who you want. I’ve picked up girls on the bus (when I used to ride it), in coffee shops and the doctor’s office just to name a few places.

A player is always on the hunt. Having your phone on you is crucial, when a girl is giving you solid eye contact you want to be able to approach at the drop of a dime. You might only get one or two good looks a week so make sure you have your phone on you to get that number.

5) Keep Your Pipeline Full

Whenever you think your pipeline is getting too full and you start to slow down that’s when your pipeline dries up. Without a strong pipeline you’re liable to do stupid things because you’re horny like texting girls you don’t like. Keeping a fresh supply will lower your neediness for any girl in particular and will keep you from drying out.

6) One Is Too Close To None

If you want to transition into a relationship with a woman who meets your criteria, go for it, you’re still in the game but recognize that it’s a different set of rules. To be a player you always need more than one woman. With one girl you’re more susceptible to neediness, putting up with drama and other bullshit. When you have an abundance of women, it means you know and she knows that you have other options. Remember, you don’t need the girl you’re with, you need the NEXT girl.

7) Put Yourself First

Be in love with yourself and the game and you’ll always be taken care of. Women love nothing more than a confident, selfish man. Girls can’t stand a weak man and once they know you’re putting them on a pedestal they will lose interest. Girls will fight you to the death for power and ownership of you, but deep down they don’t really want it, once they have it they’ll move on to another challenge.

Remember girls only love up, so keep yourself where you’re supposed to be, on top. With that said, don’t be arrogant in an annoying way. Do it in a charming way with a shit-eating grin. Combine that with affection and active listening and you have a powerful combination.

8) Be Discreet

That means keep your other women to yourself. Girls are jealous and narcissistic by nature. They have a hard enough time knowing they have to share you without you flaunting it in their face. Combine this with the fact that after seeing her for a while her friends will be telling her she “deserves” better. Don’t bring other women up unless she asks, tell her “when I’m with you, I’m only thinking about you, I don’t want to talk about anyone else”.

9) Be Honest

This means be upfront with who you are. You don’t need to bring up how many girls you’re seeing but don’t pretend to commit or string her along to keep her around. If she asks, (which she will), let her know you’re not looking for anything serious at this point but would be with the right girl. This gives you honesty as well as the potential in her head that she could be that girl, which she could be if she plays her cards right.

10) Be Good In Bed

Fuck her well every time you see her, ravage her like a strong, confident man, or make gentle love to her. This conveys two things, one the basis of your relationship is sexual and two, when you fuck her well she will keep coming back. Don’t get hung up on making her cum, some girls cum easily, some don’t. For most girls however, sex is about connection, about feeling your strength, about feeling your weight on top of her and about you enjoying yourself. Check out these guides on how to fuck her properly, eat pussy and make her squirt.
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