How society has made stones out of boys — Nollywood actress, Tosin Akingba explains


Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Tosin Akingba has attributed the behavior of boys in recent times to the way society treats them.

According to Tosin, men have been turned to stone nowadays, and taking to her Twitter page, Tosin made an illustration using similar circumstances between a guy and a lady.

Her illustration depicted how society reacts when a man abuses a lady and vice versa.

She wrote: “Lady slapped a guy in public

Public: he must have done something wrong to deserve that

Guy slapped a girl in public
Public: you don’t beat a woman no matter what

This is how society made stones out of boys, till they are built into lifeless statues created out of broken walls”.

Reacting to her post, actor Deyemi wrote;

He wrote:

“We all need to stop playing the victim card and blaming society! Yes, our environment has greatly impacted us but everyone should now take personal responsibility for their own rebirth! We ARE society!”