How Obaseki’s taste for back door approvals will cost him re-election


Today we are going to highlight why Obaseki’s penchant with shortcuts would cost him his reelection bid.

I know some people would say this topic is baseless but have you ever been in the place of being offered a short cut to get what you wanted? are you aware some shortcuts are a lot more dangerous than we think?

Obaseki since assumption of office has dwelled mainly on shortcuts to solve issues be it governance or political.

Obaseki’s governance is been woven around window dressing in an attempt to bamboozle the populace that his administration is taking a holistic approach to infrastructural development.

Examples of such are his road constructions which he hurriedly asphalts most times without drainage’s, it is hurriedly altered overnight with no single survey done. The people, as usual, would wake up and see a poorly asphalted street and shout wake and see Governor.

All the roads have started going horrible.

His technology hub at the ICE centre is another case study of his shortcut to governance. Obaseki renovated only a single block in the dilapidated ICE complex and named it a technology hub, he abandoned the main buildings in the complex to rot and as we speak they are no longer accessible due to the state of dilapidation.

The renovated block is even non-functional. The list is endless.

Obaseki’s shortcut to political issues is even worse off than his shortcuts in governance.

Obaseki refused to issue a proper proclamation letter and went ahead to inaugurate only 10 out of 24 members elected in the State House Of Assembly.

The National Assembly comprising of both the Senate and House Of Reps brought the attention of such abnormally to Obaseki and directed he issued a fresh proclamation in order to save the legislative arm from ridicule.

The Governor ran to the courts to stop the NASS from giving him directives.

Today, 14 constituents are denied representation in the State Assembly.

Instead of Obaseki learning through the political process in order to earn natural promotion in politics he always goes for the shortcuts.

A lot of times, when we do not want to do something, it’s not because we did not understand the instructions. We just don’t want to do it.

Now Obaseki has relied on the court process in giving him a return ticket.

How long can one sustain a shortcut to attain success?

A national reconciliation committee was set up to broker a truce instead Obaseki dragged the APC National Chairman to court over a manipulated case of suspension by his ward chairman.

Again Obaseki has dashed to the court to enforce the illegal NWC meeting called by 7 members out of a 21 member NWC, another shortcut to address a political impasse with the courts.

Now worthy of note is that all these court rulings are all interlocutory that is to say it can be set aside at any given time.

So what are the facts and how long can Obaseki swim in his own delusion?

For over a year now 14 constituents in Edo State have been denied representation in the State House Of Assembly.

The constituents as we speak are totally alienated from governance.

The court would not be available to stop those constituents not to vote in the forthcoming elections.

A reconciliation meeting was set to address the impasse but Obaseki chooses the shortcut by instituting legal means to remove an elected National Officer of a party.

The court would not be able to reconcile the resentment from party leaders towards Obaseki’s disregards for constituted authorities. Neither would the court restore the damaged relationship between Obaseki and the NASS.

Let us assume the NWC meets with only 7 out of the 21 members can they legally oust the National Chairman?

Now take note all these are all interlocutory rulings that would be set aside soon.

Remember the case of Modu Sheriff and Sen Makarfi in PDP? it was all smooth sailing for Modu Sheriff till when the court decided to do the needful.

We all know what the political relevancy of Modu Sheriff is today.

Obaseki has ended up buying a one-way ticket to Lagos never to return after the September elections.

There are no shortcuts to heaven, no bargain rates.

Tontrendsnews gathered that the APC party has called for an emergency meeting to disciplines rebelled party members who moved against the party National Chairman, Adamas Aliyu Oshiomole. The meeting is expected to hold 17th March, 2020.