How Naira Marley and Burna Boy are destroying their music careers


Pride, they say, goes before a fall but what does an unholy mix of pride and foolishness birth? Nigerian pop star and rave of the moment, Naira Marley and self-dubbed African giant, Burna Boy might be in a race against time to see who gets the answer first if their respective management teams don’t do something about their use of social media.

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria, Naira Marley had incurred the wrath of critics and fans alike when he trivially dismissed the existence of the virus despite available and overwhelming evidence. The Soapy crooner went on to make lewd, crass and unsavory jokes about the virus while insulting those who dared to ‘drag’ him to the disappointment of several of his fans— popularly known as Marlians.

Instead of taking a leaf from the book of the prodigal son, Naira Marley further burrowed into his trough of irresponsibility by being a guest at Funke Akindele’s infamous Houseparty despite a government lockdown and ban on social gatherings. The resultant backlash from the Houseparty saw Funke Akindele sentenced to community service alongside her husband as well as a fine of N100,000.

As if the outcry that followed his condescending response to fellow artists, Reekado Bankz over an IG challenge wasn’t enough reprimand for the so-called African giant, Burna Boy weighed in on the Funke Akindele situation with a video where he mocked Nigerians with glee following the fire outbreak at the Accountant-General of the Federation’s office.

Burna Boy’s gleeful mockery is premised on the vitriol he has for fans who called him out for being rude and condescending to his fellow pop star colleagues— more or less a gloating session!

If anything, Burna Boy would do well to remember that no matter the level of stardom he might have achieved at this point, his core base still remains Nigerians in Nigeria! It certainly reeks of a false sense of security and ignorance to believe that as a Nigerian living in Nigerian anyone is above the effects of corrupt and bad governance.

In truth if Nigeria goes down the path of anarchy or unsustainable peace, the very first industry to feel the wrath of the times would be the entertainment industry where Burna Boy and Naira Marley both ply their trades to critical acclaim.

It’s quite tragic to see truly talented artistes and performers deciding to be blatantly irresponsible and ignorantly disconnected from the very fan bases that brought them to stardom. Superstars are only superstars because they have fans who adore them so of what use is a star without a base?

This is a pertinent question that both acts’ teams need to put forward to them— it’s quite fine to be proud when you’re all that but adding ignorance and foolishness to the mix never births anything positive.