How my family members and others body-shamed me – 2Baba’s daughter Isabella tearfully opens up (Video)

Isabella Idibia, the eldest daughter of legendary musician 2Baba (2face Idibia) and renowned Nollywood star Annie Idibia, bravely shared her deeply personal experience of facing hurtful body-shaming comments from people she once cherished.

In a poignant TikTok video, the 15-year-old tearfully shared her heart-wrenching journey of dealing with body-shaming.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she courageously addressed the painful reality of being labeled “plus-size” and enduring hurtful comments from family, friends, and even strangers, accompanied by tearful images and captions.

With raw honesty, Isabella Idibia confessed to falling into the trap of comparing herself to slimmer girls, which only deepened her sense of inadequacy. She shared that during this challenging time, she battled uncontrollable urges to eat but found no solace in food.

Through choked sobs, she recounted the unsolicited advice to hit the gym, a suggestion that only exacerbated her distress. Isabella revealed the lengths she went to, covering up certain parts of her body to shield herself from the relentless onslaught of body-shaming.

Yet, amidst the tears and pain, she offered a profound insight: one’s perception of themselves, whether slim or plus-size, is deeply intertwined with their mental state. She emphasized that the journey to self-acceptance transcends mere physical changes, highlighting the significant impact of body-shaming on mental well-being.

Watch the video she posted below;

Read some reactions from netizens
Directtips360 wrote: “Hunger never touch this one before”

IamLizkid said: “So tell me what’s our own problem with that? Should we call her family members and friend not to body shame her again ni abi what?”

Brizzo said: “Na only Ajebutter pikin all this kind thing de affect, it can never be trenches kids”

CAPABLE said: “Stop et, Body shaming can cause severe emotional and psychological distress”

Awesome wondered: “What do people gain when they body-shàme? You’re ok, just the way you are”

Vicky Cruz wrote: “That’s really tough. Body shaming, especially from family and friends, can be super damaging.”

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