How my cousin turned me into a sex addict


I am the only girl of my parents and the only child, I don’t have a lot of friends and my cousin come over to our place for the holidays and we we’re so close and I always want to be around him to so much that I always look forward to the holidays period so that I can see him again and we can play again.

I was 10 while he was 15 then, whenever he is around for holiday , we always play different types of kid play until he brought up the idea of playing mummy and daddy which was fun , we had this play for long hours, acting different part until he told me I have to guess birth and to do that I have to do what dad and mom does, which I don’t know and he did it with me, it was so painful and I cried but he pet me and told me if I tell anyone he would not play with me anymore, this went on and on till now.

After that happened I could not control how I have sex anymore, I get aroused easily and I sleep with anyone around me or any guy making advance to me easily, I was so addicted to sex that I beg my guy’s friends to sleep with me .

This have been very bad that I contacted a diseases which can’t be cured and I have to live with it for the rest of my life.

I believe we should watch the type of play our kids are engaged in, we should monitor what they watch and what they do.

And also be closer to a female child very well.