“How my baby daddy charmed me to have sex with him” – Actress Ashabi Olorisha recounts (Video)

Ashabi Olorisha boldly opens up about a challenging chapter in her life as she shares her personal experience with her baby daddy.

Explaining the circumstances surrounding their relationship, Ashabi reveals how she was initially charmed into engaging in a physical relationship with him.

During an interview with Biola Bayo on her talk show, Talk to B, she disclosed that she was in a relationship at the time and was only friends with her baby’s father.

She claimed that he was constantly coming to see her because of their close relationship and that she was unaware of how their sex came to be.

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She stated she became pregnant as a result of their intimacy and that she will never be able to explain how they had sex.

In her words:

“I was in a relationship, but my baby father charmed me to have sex with me (And u conceived my only child, after years of waiting)”.

“My son’s father was just my friend, he didn’t toast me. We were just friends and I had my own boyfriend, who was a Major in the Army, and there was another man who my family wanted me to marry because he is from Ikorodu.

The first time I slept with my friend, I got pregnant. I didn’t even know what led us to get intimate, cause my mother didn’t like him because of his tr!be”.

The actress broke down in tears as she described the difficulties her son encountered in the UK due to his lack of papers.

Video below……

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