How make-up artistes deceive Nigerian men


Sometime ago, a young man went clubbing with his friends and met one stunning lady with her face glittering while her blonde hair looked like that of a mermaid.

She well-endowed and the guy could not take his eyes off her. He hit on her, took her home and the next morning after she had cleaned her face and came out of the bathroom, the guy was said to have run out of his apartment thinking he had seen an apparition.

In Nigeria today, every woman is concerned about getting her face brightened with all shades and colours as makeup, so much that it becomes very difficult for men to know those ladies who are really beautiful.

And the make-up artistes are not making it any easier for us guys to differentiate natural beauty from fake ones and guys are complaining that they are being deceived when they realize that the babe they thought was smashing beauty was caked in some several levels of foundations.

Another incident happened where a guy broke his engagement to a girl he met on Facebook upon seeing her in person. When he saw her in person, he realized that she was different from the pictures he always saw on social media.

The pictures were always made up with pancakes and Mary Kay foundation powders. It was not the face of the lady he used to chat with.

In the same way, some men have been deceived by Nigerian women as a result of the make-up they use. At this point, it would be good to clarify certain things though.

No one is saying women should not use make-up or let their faces be bare, but the make-up should be applied moderately so you don’t end up looking like a baby masquerade.

Some Nigerian women look totally different after they have applied make-up on their faces and you would be shocked to discover that the faces they have belong to a different person entirely.

We understand that the make-up artistes are doing their jobs and making a living off their clients but for God’s sake, do it in moderation so you don’t end up having a ‘fanta face and coca-cola legs.’

These pictures will tell you how make-up artistes have been conniving with women to deceive Nigerian men.

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