How I revenged on a lady who didn’t allow me to have sex with her, after she turned me on – Daddy Freeze (Video)


Daddy Freeze made use of himself as an example of why some people cheat on their spouse which can lead to divorce.

He said truly some parts of the Bible are against divorce but he said Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul gave some exemption on why married people can get divorced.

According to him, he said he remembered when he was in a relationship with a lady and on one Saturday’s morning, he was having a nice time with the lady, then she left him in the bed and went to the kitchen to tidy up.

He said after he had waited for like 30 minutes, he went to the kitchen and saw her cleaning the kitchen, he was furious and asked her why she left him in the bed and that he’s in pain now because he was ready for a fun. To his surprise, he said the lady made her known that there’s nothing like that and that Oprah Winfrey had made her realized that most men lie just to have a lady.

He was angry but he kept silent, after some days the lady was having a menstrual cramp and she needed him to help her with transportation, but he denied her and made her realized that he didn’t believe that lady can have a menstrual cramp because it never happened to his mother or his female relatives and friends.

Video below: