How I met Mercy Lamborghini Eke – My personal story


Miss Lambo aka Queen of highlights is one of the female celebrities I’m literally in love with. She became my dream girl after she won the BBNaija show 2019.

Something happened to me few days ago. It’s a day I won’t forget.

I had just finished seeing the most recent pictures she shared on her twitter page.

They were so sickening. I was sitting under a mango tree in our compound because it was a hot afternoon and I needed some fresh air.

I didn’t know how it happened, I suddenly was in my room, dressing up. I hurriedly dressed up, applied my perfume and dashed out of the room.

I didn’t have to waste any time because I needed to see Mercy Lambo. I had heard she was in my neighborhood, that she came to visit her old school friend who lives in my neighborhood.

Coming out of my house gate, I saw some ladies and guys. They were walk-running. I knew instantly they were also going to see Mercy. I had to run so that I could be at their front. I wouldn’t want anyone to block me when we get to where she was.

Soon, I got to where she was. I rushed into the compound. There were many people in the compound. It appeared she was in her guest’s sitting room.

I forced myself to the door of the sitting room and shouted out to her “Mercy Lamborghini, this is your biggest fan on twitter!!! ”

As if she recognized me immediately, she told the guards to allow me to go in. I jumped inside the sitting room and couldn’t summon the courage to ask for a hug (what I’ve dreamt about getting from her) I was star struck, just looking like her, and my legs shaking at the same time.

She was so kind enough and offered to hug me. She called me by my name and my heart melted.

Immediately I spread my hangs for the hug, I heard my mom shouted my name. She had screamed at me to come and eat lunch.

That was how I opened my eyes and realized I was actually dreaming. My mom wouldn’t allow me to enjoy that special moment. She would be disturbing me every time with her food. Mtchew!!!