How I gave birth through CS four times and almost aborted the 4th pregnancy: Desola Afod

The Couples and their forth child

Desola Afod, the wife of Yoruba actor, Kunle Afod, has talked about how she gave birth through Cesarean section four times and how she almost aborted the fourth child because they could not afford the fee.

In an Instagram post celebrating her last child, Yiyenitemi, on his 2nd birthday, the young woman who is known for her ‘say it all’ on social media revealed how her heart was melted when she finally set her eyes on her young man.

The Family of Kunle Afod

Actor Kunle Afod’s wife talks about giving birth through CS, 4 times, and how she almost aborted her 4th pregnancy.

She wrote:

It was my 4th cs and wanted to abort the pregnancy cos no money. (been the 4th cs, it’s expensive)

@nicky o real @tokunbox (iya ibeji liverpool) @yettee72 @magnificent_maryam @mumcyibeji

Your thoughtfulness knocks me off my feet God bless and keep everyone cos u all have been a great impact in my life and YIYENITEMI wanted to abort cos no money. we thank God for having him.

Abeg, till now too, no money and we are alive and grateful. 2yrs loading.

Thank you, Lord.

Not long ago, the talented Yoruba actor Kunle Afod’s wife took to social to give a hint about her husband’s infidelity.

She also seized the opportunity to warn actresses who share the bed with her husband.