How I found out a thief that robbed me was dating the police officer handling my case – Lady narrates

A Nigerian lady has recounted how the police allegedly frustrated her efforts to apprehend a thief that burgled her home.

The young woman known as Phoenix_chi on Twitter, said she reported the matter to the SARS headquarters but they demanded N300,000 to help her track and arrest the robber.

According to the lady, she later discovered that the police officer in charge of the robbery case was in a relationship with the thief he was supposed to arrest.

She wrote; “When my home got burgled, your guys at SARS HQ asked me to pay N300k to go catch the thief at Lafia, they were more interested in how much the belongings i lost were worth than the burglary incident, last i heard the guy in charge of the case was dating the thief.

Try not to join any issue with Nigerian Police, as long as it’s not a case of murder or kidnapping…leave it to God, you cannot trust these uniformed men, they are the reason criminality is on the rise in Nigeria.

I was told that the higher your lost possessions are worth, the more they are motivated to pursue the culprit. The police guy was talking to her on whatsapp to lure her into Abuja, next thing i hear is that they are hooking up…lmao i was told by her friend my informant 😂😂

She and her sister….she was actually my live in help and i just fired her so she was meant to live that weekend, i left for work on the Friday so she invited her sis over and both of them cleaned me out while my sick mum was laying on the bed there, traumatic.”

In reaction, @ohisthoughts said; Everything wrong with Nigeria begins and ends with Nigerian police. Yes, and this includes the corruptions, thieving politicians, insecurity, power sector, everything. We don’t need to get politicians right, but if we get police right, everything would fall into place.

@T4Tiiese; Who was dating who??? Heavy on wanting to know the cost of the items cos same thing I encountered when I reported.

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