How having baby through CS changed my life – Woman bemoans depression

A Nigerian woman tearfully shares her experience after giving birth to her baby via caesarean section a.k.a CS and how her life took a tragic turn.

In a video, she was seen in tears as she explained how the surgery drastically changed her life, leaving her perpetually sad.

The woman identified as @ijeaweleandmum on TikTok revealed that the operation had affected her system and even impacted her spinal cord, leading to daily feelings of depression.

The concerned mother consulted her doctor, who reminded her of her battle with PCOS and the numerous hormonal drugs she had taken.

Despite her struggles, she concluded the video by showcasing her beautiful daughter, affirming that she has no regrets about her birth.

How having baby through CS changed my life, depressed
“It has been 11 months since after childbirth. I’m literally living in pain. The C-section I had changed everything in my system. Honestly I am trying but I am tired.

“I am always depressed. I am always sad even with no reasons. I am just losing it. Nothing is the same again in my life. I don’t just feel okay. Everything is just a problem even my spinal cord.

“I even spoke to my doctor about it. He told me that I should remember how I battled PCOS and I should remember I took a lot of hormonal drugs. This is my baby. I don’t have any regrets.”

Watch the video below …


Im exhausted 😭Even the love from my hubby and family feels like nothing to me,😭

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